The name is Anne Ragnhild Fause. I am a girl of 20 years who lives in Tromsø, Norway. I am a viking, an archer, a crafter and a girl who loves learning new things and going on adventures!

This blog will feature a lot of this. Posts about viking festivals and casual days on the archery ranges. about my photoshoots and what I do in preparation for them, during the shoots and what I wish to express through my pictures.

It will feature pictures from a walk I had in the woods, from a place I travelled or just me doing every day stuff. I will post about sewing, as well as the other crafts I try my hand on, such as embroidery, leather-craft, needle-binding (nålebinding) and much more.

I will write about events I do with my Viking Group and Archery Club!

And in the future, I will write about my studies and other experiences. You’ll just have to stick around to stay updated!

Business at annethearcher@hotmail.com


One thought on “About

  1. Hi.

    I run a small publishing company in Sweden and we’re publiching a book series called Heimdalls ättlingar, in which the second book is next. I would like to com in contact with you regarding your pictures, specially one of them which would be perfect for the cover. Of course we will pay for it. Could you please contact me om info@undrentide.se?

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