Gjallarstadir 2017


When I moved south, I vowed to myself that I would make the effort to go to some viking markets I have never been able to attend, because they’re in the early autumn, after the summer holiday is over. Yesterday, I went to one of those markets. I’ve heard stories of Gjallarstadir many times before, and I was not disappointed.

Tent goals

After a bit over three hours on two busses, I finally arrived to this cozy market. It was a bit strange, to only visit as a “daytime viking”, and not have a camp to belong to, but it was absolutely worth the trip.

Oseberg dragon head with valkyrie necklace

I spent around 5 hours just wandering from stall to stall, talking to people, seeing some familiar faces here and there. The only other market I’ve been to this season was the Háleyg moot we held back home in Tromsø in the beginning of July, so it felt really good to be back in the familiar landscape of white tents and the smell of food cooking over fires.

Hairdo of the day

Next year, I will hopefully be able to attend a lot more markets, and live in the camp too. Because I had no doubt the feast was glorious, and that songs were sung far into the night. I really miss it, but hopefully I will experience something similar in less than a month, when I’m heading off to the United States to attend Weekend Warrior!

More tent goals

I hope you all have had an exciting market season, and maybe I will see some of you if I end up going to Tønsberg vikingmarket next weekend? If not, thank you for reading, and have a great day ♥

Loot from the market! An amber necklace, an arrowhead to make flaming arrows, some utilities for my turtle brooches, and a Gotland crystal, as well as 20 beads!
Outfit of the day ♥
Apron made by the talented Wyrd Vikingdesign

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