Ten favourite pictures of 2016

I was originally going to write a long summary of the year’s events, but since I already have a blog post for each of them, I decided to do a shorter summary instead. So here are my ten favourite pictures taken in 2016, hope you enjoy them!


Number 10: Winter huntress wading through snow.

The first of the three photoshoots I did on my own this year. The snow was thigh-deep, and on this particular one I ended up sinking really deep while making my way over to my “mark”. I really love playing in the snow, and this was a great way to start the year.


Number 9: The doors of the Borre Meadhall.

It was being painted during the festival held at Borrekaupangen this summer, but I still got to take a pic in front of the door all the viking ladies loves posing with!


Number 8: Warrior hairstyle shortly after cutting my hair.

Heavily inspired by the character Lagertha from the TV series Vikings. I had to cut about 10 cm of my hair because it was just dead, and to deal with my “post haircut depression” I decided to try to braid it. Ended up with the most badass look of the year!


Number 7: Viking cook.

Vikings need to eat, especially when we’re out raiding. This picture is from the Borre market, on one of the few warm days we had. It is so much fun to cook over the fire like this, and the food was delicious.


Number 6: Herugrim

My beloved replica of King Theoden’s sword from Two Towers looks fierce and majestic as ever, especially when pictured with snow.


Number 5: Lady of the Lake

Picture taken in September when the water was freezing cold. Might have to get more shots like this next summer, when it is actually warm and I can stay in the lake for more than five minutes.


Number 4: Viking love.

Me and my amazing girlfriend this September. I love her so damn much, and it was fun to have her in Norway for a change.


Number 3: Viking Longhouse.

Taken in front of the Lofotr Longhouse. I’m glad I got to go back there this year as well, it is one of my favourite places for amazing viking pictures.


Number 2: Direwolf.

Lovely picture from the market at Historiske Trondenes. A friend of mine’s white swiss shepherd decided to join us on the bench, and the moment was captured by one of the market’s photographers.


Number 1: Winter is Coming.

From the photoshoot I did in November. There’s just something about the atmosphere of the picture that makes it my number one favourite this year. The Game of Thrones/Skyrim feel it gives is something I thought I’d never capture on my own, and it is also one of my most liked pictures this year.

I hope you enjoyed this silly little post. It was a walk down memory lane from me, and if you wanna know more about what I did this year, there’s a blog entry for nearly every big event or journey I went on, as well as over one hundred pictures here on my blog.

Happy new year everyone! I’m excited to see what adventures 2017 brings!


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