November Photoshoot


This week me, myself and I had a wee photoshoot. With the help of a tripod and a ten second timer, I was able to get some winter archery photos in the spruce forest not far away from where I live.


The pictures were taken in the last days of November. Usually, we get our snow in the end of October, but these were taken the day after the first proper snowfall, in the few hours of daylight that remain to us. Northern Norway is facing “Mørketid”, the dark times where the sun does not rise over the horizon for two months, and we only get a few hours of daylight around noon.

Embracing my inner Ronja Rövardottir

I spent around two hours out in the snow, learning that my winter gear actually keep me warm. Only my hands were a bit chilly after rolling around in the snow and making adjustments on the camera. It’s been ages since I had this much fun. I’ve always considered myself to be a winter child, and days like this one are just perfect. As a child, I would run around the snowy woods with my sister and my cousins, making toy bows from bent branches and playing out from morning to evening.


I hope to get at least one more shoot before the year is up, but we will see what time allows me to do. I have a certain sword I would love to have pictures with, as well as a shield (even though I technically have no idea how to use them).


Thank you all so much for supporting me! My blog really blew up with my last entry, so I hope you don’t find this boring in comparison. All the pictures from the shoot can be found here!



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