Háleyg Vikingmarked


After a wonderful weekend at Lofotr, I ventured south with my vikings to help make a completely new market! Háleyg vikingmarked was held the 12th to the 14th of August by Bodøsjøen, and with the help of the hundred or so vikings that attended, we created probably the best market I have ever been to!


It was a lot of hard work, and several hours a day were spent helping out with whatever tasks needed. In a way, it was a lot more fun than just wandering around the market, looking at the different booths and entertainers. I felt like a part of the very foundation of this market, which I guess in a way, I was. There were so many wonderful people helping out, and helping to make the market amazing!


We spent a week at Bodøsjøen, the first few days going to rig, help out with preparations, and attend a few vikings only classes. I took a class in music, focusing on the drum, the voice and playing together with others, and it was both fun and magical at the same time! Hopefully I will find the time to work on some viking music in the future.

More pictures can be seen here!


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