Borre 2016


A bit late perhaps, but I thought I’d write a few words about the Borre market that I attended a couple of weeks ago. I meant to do this sooner, but I’ve been really busy and even traveled somewhere else (which we will come back to in a later blog post) but I finally take some time to write and share some pictures with you guys.

First of all, Borre was amazing! Over 700 vikings all gathered in one huge camp for a full week can be a bit overwhelming, especially since I’m only used to smaller markets such as the Lofotr market. But still, I had a great time and while the weather could have been better, it was worth the long journey.

picture by Kim Holte

We had a humble little camp where we cooked our meals and spent most of the evenings, which suited us fine. The days were usually spent wandering around, talking to people and spending money on fabrics and more bling.

lots of new clothes are already in the making
new wooden bowl filled with new treasures
brand new set of brooches and bling

Overall, Borre was a fantastic market, and I am looking forward to going back there in two years for the next market! For now, I am working on some new clothes for the upcoming Lofotr and Háleyg markets! Stay tuned for another post about my other travels, as well as a new vlog! Should be up by the end of the week!

More pictures from the market can be found here!


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