Winter Huntress (photoshoot)


After months of saying that I needed new archery pictures, I finally took matters into my own hands. I’m usually depending on others to take my pictures for me, but because of my wonky work schedule, I often wind up having my days off when my usual photographers are either at school or busy with other things. Today I did not let that stop me!


My camera has a very convenient timer that allows me to press the button, then hurry to get into position before the picture is snapped 10 seconds later. In the picture above, I thought I had activated it, but it turned out I had not. Still, I grew very fond of it for some reason, it does show off the details on my outfit very well.


The snow was knee-deep and I did fall through it countless times. It did give my dress a very nice touch though, nothing looks more natural than snow-stained fabric when you are actually out in the snow!


I also attempted to get a shot of an arrow in flight, but I think I need a better camera for that, and someone to take the pictures. I lost three of my arrows in the snow, but the pictures I got were still good enough to post. Not all archery pictures can show a drawn bow, and this looks a lot more natural than just some pose.


It’s also very important to have pictures of your bow and arrows, and I felt like I got the focusing just right on this one. Of course, I didn’t actually have to use the timer for this one so that’s probably the reason this is the picture with the best quality.


You can see the rest of the pictures here!


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