Sword and Camera Test



I ventured out into the freezing cold yesterday armed with my brand new camera and sword. The temperature was at least -15 degrees Celsius, but at the bottom of the valley by the river, it felt more like -20. Despite the cold, I got dressed in my thickest winter clothing and ventured out into the daylight. That’s right! We have more than one hour of daylight now!

As I mentioned in the post “Midwinter Solstice”, we have a couple of months in the winter with no sun. Today is the 21st of January, and it is also the day the sun returns from it’s long slumber. I was not one of the fortunate who had the opportunity to go outside and catch the first rays shining over the mountains, but my trip yesterday made up for it.


I spent about two hours outside yesterday in the freezing cold, experimenting with the settings of my new camera. I am far from a professional photographer, and depend on others to take my pictures for me. So this was the first “photoshoot” I did on my own, with the snowy valley and my sword as my model.


I’m not a swords-woman, and I have no training when it comes to wielding a blade (yet), so for now this is purely for decoration. The sword is a replica of the blade Herugrim, the weapon wielded by King Theoden in the Peter Jackson movies of Lord of the Rings. It is by far my favourite sword ever, and I love the details on both the movie version and my replica. I also love that Weta Workshop took inspiration from viking swords when designing this very blade, while also capturing the Rohan essence.


I’ve mentioned this before, but I love winter. There is no leaf that can out-match the beauty of frost on the twigs and branches. No meadow more beautiful than a field of fresh-fallen snow. Winter makes everything looks so peaceful, especially now when the sun and the light returns to us here in the north.






More winter pictures (hopefully with some archery as well) are coming soon!


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