Midwinter Solstice


Or midtvintersblot if you’d like. Today, on the 21st of December, my ancestors celebrated the shortest day in the year, and the longest night of the winter. Living in the north of Norway, I know too well of the dark months and what it is like to live for months with barely any daylight. And I can understand why they celebrated this day, where the sun turns and the days slowly grow longer again.


Despite the lack of natural daylight, I felt inspired and decided it was time to spice up my favourite dress a bit. And how to best do that? Embroidery! I lit my candles and started stitching, making an even more intricate and detailed pattern than last time. Now, after stitching it onto the dress, I see that I could have placed it a little further up. But no worries, I can just detach it and move it up a bit. The design itself is quite common, but it was a challenge for someone who is still not too practiced in the arts of embroidery. Still, it was fun!


I have always been a child of winter. I celebrate my 19th birthday in only five days, and I was born in a long, cold and dark winter. We had a snow record that winter that has yet to be beaten, and the winter lasted almost a month longer than usual. 2,4 meters of snow at the most that winter, so high people had to dig tunnels into their houses!

The newest dress I made reflects my birthmonth and favourite season. It is in the same theme as my Wolf Queen dress, but a lot more winter friendly. It is made of heavy, thick wool, and inspired by the pattern of the Skjoldehamn tunic and definitely keeps me warm in the cold winter weather. Combined with my wool cloak and arctic fox fur, the outfit looks like something out of Game of Thrones (which I was totally aiming for) while also being a typical viking winter dress!


My sister was so kind to do this short photoshoot with me in the dim daylight that we have, and I must say this is my absolute favourite viking outfit so far, beating my Huntress dress by a few points. Still, don’t be surprised to see more of my brown and green outfit, especially now that it has been updated!


2015 draws to an end, but I will post a couple more entries before the year is done. You can also expect more vlogs and other videos before then, and keep an eye out on my instagram for a special surprise on the 25th of December! Until then, I wish you all happy holidays and gledelig jul!


More pictures from today’s photoshoot can be seen here!


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