The End of an Era – New Beginnings

2015 is drawing near it’s end and I just have to thank everyone in my life for making this year amazing! I have had so many great adventures, discovered a lot about myself, and grown a little bit more as a person. I have shared many experiences with you guys here on my blog, on my instagram and on my tumblr, but there are still things I would like to share. So I’m gonna do a quick little recap of the last year, so bear with me!

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Midwinter Solstice


Or midtvintersblot if you’d like. Today, on the 21st of December, my ancestors celebrated the shortest day in the year, and the longest night of the winter. Living in the north of Norway, I know too well of the dark months and what it is like to live for months with barely any daylight. And I can understand why they celebrated this day, where the sun turns and the days slowly grow longer again.

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