We all need to be inspired.

I just never imagined I’d be the one to inspire.

Lately, I have received messages that has left me gaping at the screen. Messages I have only seen other people answer, but never thought I’d receive myself. And they have left me thinking about myself and my past. They have made me smile. And they have inspired me.

A bit over a week ago, I hit 1500 followers on instagram. It is not many, compared to celebrities and people who have been on the app longer than I have, but I was still thrilled. 1500 people who have looked at my pictures and decided I was worth following. When you think about it, it is both overwhelming and exciting! So of course I posted a picture expressing my thanks, because I want people to know how much I appreciate their support.


The picture got about 150 likes, but it wasn’t the likes I was paying attention too. It was the comments. Or, to be precise, one comment in particular.

“You’re so inspiring!”

Instagram user talithil wrote this short, but so emotionally moving comment it set my mind spinning. I have been posting my pictures on the internet for almost three years and I have never stopped to consider I might actually inspire people with what I do. Since then, I have started to pay more attention to the feedback I get. I have received several messages on my tumblr blog from people who think what I do is “amazing” or “beautiful”. It took me a while to actually believe in the last one, because up until recently, I did not consider myself to be beautiful.

I have an un-published blog post in my drafts that talks about my life-long insecurity and how my physical flaws have caused me to not like what I see when I look into the mirror. Not until recently did I begin to see what other must have seen when they look at me. But even when I started to think that maybe people were right, I never thought I inspired people. At least not until now.

Taken by KMphoto
Taken by KMphoto

Knowing that only one person in this universe is inspired by me is enough to bring tears to my eyes. But it also brings me strength. Because that means that I have done what I thought I’d never do. It means I have given something back with what I do. And it inspires me to continue doing what I love: this.

I passed the 1700 followers marker today. In just a week, two hundred more people have decided to follow me. For a person who has struggled most of her life with her self-confidence, this is an amazing boost! So thanks to all of you who follow me on instagram, and thanks to all who read my blog!

I have decided to start doing vlogs, so do not be surprised if my next blog entry will also include a short video!

Thank you all for your support! You all inspire me to do this, and it is amazing to think that I inspire some of you in return!


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