The Promotion of Bad Archery


Archery is trending in movies and TV series these days, and this is something that a lot of archery clubs are really excited about! Movies such as the Hunger Games and the Hobbit have sparked the interest for many young people to take up archery, but many of them arrive at archery courses only to learn that their heroes are actually doing it wrong.

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Night at the Museum (opening of the Man in the Marsh exhibition)

Utstillingen Mannen i myra, prosjektleder Laura Bunce
At the opening with the project leader, Laura Bunce. Photo: Adnan Icagic, Tromsø Museum – Universitetsmuseet

Last night was the opening of the Man in the Marsh (Mannen i Myra) exhibition at Tromsø Museum. I was present with two other members of Straumeyjar to witness for the first time the actual clothing that we have based so much of today’s viking clothes on: the Skjoldehamn outfit.

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