Loot of Lofotr


I returned from Lofotr Vikingfestival with new friends and new experiences, but I also got my share of loot! As most people know, festivals are where the modern-day vikings get to do a bit of shopping to update their equipment, apparel and bling. You can purchase jewelry for both every-day wear or for feasts, sometimes there are stands selling fabrics, weapons, and lots of other items! This time I got some things I needed, some things I wanted, and some things I spontaneously purchased.


On the top of my list was more bling for my turtle-brooches. The pair at the bottom had a cheap Hammer of Thor pendant that I got at the Trondheim festival last year, but I have replaced it with a new one that looks a lot better. Apart from that, the set remains the same and it is actually the one I wear the most!


As you can see on the big picture, there are also two small brooches with no chain of beads attached to them. I bought them in a last-minute decision before we left the market, and I have already had good use of them. Their purpose is to support my apron dresses when I do archery or want to run around more, so I won’t have to risk the string holding the beds up snagging at the bowstring or a branch.


And finally, I updated my “big” set of turtle brooches. There are now three rows, and the bottom row has a gorgeous Hammer of Thor, as well as two smaller pendants. I am really pleased with the chain, even though the brooches themselves bother me. You see, they have a tendency to fall off really quickly as the pin that holds them up is weak and does not hold for too long. I suppose I’ll end up replacing them eventually.


But I didn’t only purchase glitter at the festival. I found a handful of other items I was in need of, and some I just wanted. As for the latter, I am referring to my axe, as it is pretty useless. If I want to use it for wood-copping and such, I will need to have it sharpened, but it is still too sharp for reenacting battles and such. So it is pretty much just an accessories-axe that will look badass when we make appearances on the local movie theater and such.


I did buy a knife though. It is a little dull, but I will sharpen it before use. It is a gorgeous thing with a hand-carved bone hilt made by the talented Darius! I am a big fan of his work and I am thrilled to own a beautiful knife that he has crafted. I also figured it was time to put my old Sami knife on the shelf and start using a proper Viking knife instead.


One item that was on the bottom of my list was a leather water bottle. I didn’t really need one, but I ended up buying one anyway and it was actually a good purchase! Sure, the water has a slight leather after-taste, but I always forget drinking water while on festivals and the bottle helped remind me.


Now the next item you have already seen on photos I posted earlier. It was almost on the very top of my list and I am really pleased with the pattern of the one I picked. I am of course talking about my new tablet-weave belt! Not only does it fit all my dresses, but I think it is a lot more comfortable to wear than my leather belt. It looks a lot better as well, and gives a more feminine touch to my dresses than what the leather one did.


Tablet-weave belt and viking-bling in action!
Tablet-weave belt and viking-bling in action!

 I am tempted to write a really long, emotional paragraph about the cup I bought, but there isn’t really that much to say. I bought a ceramic cup for tea and such because it was on my list. The only special thing about this cup is that it has a small sort of mitten around it to keep me from burning my hands while holding it. A pretty clever innovation actually, and really helpful for my sensitive hands.


What else was there of the more “practical” stuff I bought? Oh yes, the bone needle and embroidery thread I purchased! I am hooked on embroidery and plant-dyed thread is gonna make my dresses look even more authentic! As for the needle, I am gonna teach myself “nålebinding”, a type of viking-knitting. It is the same technique that was used to create the cup-mitten!


And of course I bought more bling!

Bracelets, rings and ear-rings!
Bracelets, rings and ear-rings!
Arrowhead-necklace for the archer
Arrowhead-necklace for the archer
And some brooches to hold up my clothing
And some brooches to hold up my clothing
Penacular brooch for the square-cloak I am gonna make this winter
Penacular brooch for the square-cloak I am gonna make this winter
Dragon-brooch for my Birka Coat
Dragon-brooch for my Birka Coat
And a small pin for my chemise dresses
And a small pin for my chemise dresses

And finally, I also purchased the lovely sheep-skin at the festival as well. It is really soft and it will keep me warm this winter, and the next few winters as well!



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