To Lofotr!

The StraumEyjar camp (2013)

Tomorrow I leave for Lofotr Vikingfestival. I have not been there since 2013 and I’m so excited I doubt I will sleep much tonight.

The last festival I attended was the Trondheim Vikingfestival a bit over a year ago, and that was only three days in the “plastic” camp. This year though, it will be 6 nights in a Saxon tent in the camp itself!

Trondheim last year
Trondheim last year

Last year I only had one dress to wear, but this year I have three chemise dresses (serk) and four apron dresses (selekjole), as well as a wool dress, a heavy wool cloak, a Birka coat and a brand new Skjoldehamn hood. My new shoes are also a lot more historically correct than my last pair.

My brand new viking shoes
My brand new viking shoes

The last time I was at Lofotr, I came to the festival with only one outfit that was not exactly viking, but it worked. It was my first ever festival and I didn’t really have the skill to make viking clothes back then. This year though, I am better equipped than I expected to be for another couple of years! I might actually have too many viking dresses by now (nah, you can never have enough!) and I still have plans for more! Hopefully I will find some nice fabric at the festival for my next projects.

Lofotr 2013

It will be great to come back to Lofotr and get the full viking experience. I have only ever attended two festivals (probably the only reason I’d move south: more festivals), so this year will be my third. I’m a bit sad I didn’t get to go to Lofotr last year at the 10th anniversary, but then again I had a great time at Trondheim and I had work that week. This year though, Lofotr is the only week I am not going to work this summer. And the only festival I will attend as well. Hopefully I will get at least two, maybe three next year!

Wool dress and cloak, plus my horsebow

So maybe I will see some of you at Lofotr this year?

My next post will be all about the festival. I’m gonna take a lot of pictures!


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