The “Wolf Queen” Viking Dress

The “Wolf Queen” dress!

Lofotr viking festival is just around the corner, and I decided it was time to finish my latest dress project. As you saw in my previous post, I was wearing my “Huntress” viking dress and as beautiful as it is, it is more of an everyday gown. This one on the other hand is fit for a queen!

A good sewing machine is a life-saver when making dresses.
A good sewing machine is a life-saver when making dresses.

I am a bit of a wierdo as I like to give names to my different outfits, but then again it makes it a lot easier to refer to each different style. This name comes mainly from the embroided wolf heads on the breast of the apron dress. They were my first ever try on embroidery and I know they are far from perfect, but they turned out a lot better than I had anticipated. Now you might ask; why wolf heads? You see, I have always felt a strong, almost spiritual connection towards wolves. I have loved and admired them for a long time and I was once extremely active in the “predator debate” that goes on here in Norway. I still keep an eye on the debate, but I am not as active as I wish I was.

Wolf head embroidery.
Wolf head embroidery.

Another good reason for the wolf heads lies in the norse mythology. Sure, we all know Fenrir, son of Loki, the giant wolf who will break free from his invisible chains when Ragnarok comes and swallow the sun! But there are two other pairs of wolves that appear in the mythology as well. First we have Hati and Skoll, the children of Fenrir. They are two wolves from Snorre Sturlason’s Edda, and chase the moon and sun across the sky, and thus creating day and night. Another pair of wolves are Geri and Freki, the two wolves of Odin. Wolves are often used by vikings today, and because of my “connection” to that animal, I thought it only fitting for them to adorn my dress!

(Also because of Game of Thrones. Direwolves are awesome!)

Bling and tablet-weave belt.

Now the belt is also an important part! This beautiful tablet weave is not made by me, but purchased from an etsy store called Mellonhandarbeit. It is absolutely gorgeous and it fits perfectly with the aesthetics of this dress. 

Still a few more minor things to be fixed before the dress is finished.

I am really excited to wear this to the viking festival, though I think I will save it for the day of the Feast. It is too pretty to be worn for every-day use, such as lying in the grass or joking around on the archery field.

By far the most beautiful dress I have made!

So what do you think of this dress (and the blog entry)?

I really appreciate comments and I am really glad to see that my blog has already had this many hits! It got over 200 hits in just a couple of hours yesterday and that is a lot more than I had expected! You guys are the reason I do this, and to know that people are interested in what I do just gives me the inspiration I need.

Thank you so much!


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