Same name. Same girl. New website!


As some of you might know, I have mentioned earlier I was thinking about getting a blog. Well guess what! It is happening!

There is still much to go around and figure out, but I think this was a good idea! I have a tumblr, a deviantart and an instagram so far, and they are all really good to share pictures! But lately, I have found myself wanting to write more and share more of my experiences than just the captions of a picture can room. I want to write posts with deeper meanings where I express myself,rant about things in my life, or just make posts with silly comments for my pictures!

I just reached 1000 followers on instagram, and my tumblr crossed the 1000 marker not long ago, and I hope that there are some of you who find your way here. And for newcomers, I welcome you too and suggest you have a look at the pages I linked above, because they hold so much more of my works than this blog do!

Hopefully I will manage to keep this thing active and I am looking forward to communicate with my followers in a whole new fashion!


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