Ersfjorden (photoshoot)


It is over a month ago, but I still felt like writing a post about this shoot to sort of kick the new blog into action!

This is my most recent photoshoot, but not my first. But this is the photoshoot with the most beautiful location!

The pictures are taken in Ersfjorden, a good 30 minute drive from Tromsø. It just so happens that my best friend’s father lives out there, and he posed not only as host for us before the shoot, but also as my photographer! Usually, it has been my friend or my sister taking my pictures for me, but these are just amazing! The light, the focus, everything about them is way above my usual standard and I think that is one of the reasons this shoot became a lot more popular than my previous ones!


Another reason that makes this shoot different is that it is my first archery shoot with a viking dress and longbow! In my previous photoshoots, I have worn either my leather vest “ranger” outfit, or the “male clothes” viking outfit with the green shirt and brown breeches. But this time, I decided to show off my new “huntress” viking dress.

I do own a fair share of viking dresses (there is currently one in the making), but this is by far my favourite. It does have a sort of fantasy-vibe to it that I like, plus the fabric of the green wool apron dress has the most gorgeous diamond weave! I really should get a picture that shows the fine details it has.


You can see more photos from this shoot here!


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